Big News @ Spokane Barre!

“Change is the only constant in life. “


And we have some exciting changes that are happening here at Spokane Barre.

This month marks my 3 year anniversary in owning the studio. Wow! Time flies! I bought the studio 3 years ago to accomplish some personal and professional goals:

  1. Allow myself to focus on a passion project
  2. Dig in and reinvent an existing brand and give it the love and attention it so rightfully deserved
  3. improve the overall curriculum with classes that are challenging but safe
  4. Hire the most talented Barre instructors and Master Trainers I could find and invest in them
    Be kind and supportive of all our clients by understanding each person’s exercise journey is unique to them physically and mentally.

As I evolved during the process, so did the studio. Last year, I added Allison on as management and a partner.  We’ve had a great time working together and a lot of laughs—Alli is the best! The focus of much of our conversation over the year has been on taking Spokane Barre to the next level.  It was a process of discovery and one that helped me conclude that the only way to level up was to dive in full time.
Unfortunately, as someone who’s worked her entire life to build a strong career outside the studio, that wasn’t really an option. So together, we agreed it’s time to pass the baton to others in our tribe.

Today I’m thrilled to formally announce that Hillary Atkins, Spokane Barre Master Trainer and Katie Grainger, Spokane Barre Instructor have become the new owners of Spokane Barre….and we couldn’t be HAPPIER!

They are not only amazing instructors but amazing people! I can’t wait to see what is next for this place I hold so close to my heart! Oh, and the by the way… you can’t just get rid of Alli and I that easily—we will both continue to teach classes at the studio and be instrumental in the SB tribe. Because love.

Congrats to Hillary and Katie. Congrats to the studio. And congrats to our amazing SB Tribe. In everything we do, we’re only getting stronger.

Much love,


Barre on the Bridge 2018 was a success!

Thank you for joining us for our 3rd annual Barre on the Bridge.  It was a perfect day to shake and quake!  Stay tuned for the amount that will be donated to Family Promise!  If you would still like to donate, click the button below.

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so, what exactly is a BARRE workout?

Our barre workouts are high intensity, low impact blends of strength training with a combination of yoga, pilates, and ballet movements.  Using the principals of barre technique, we work muscle groups to fatigue (the shake!) building great strength and tone with bursts of cardio to ramp up the calorie burn.  The results are strong, lean muscles, an increase in endurance, mood and mind-body connection.  Regardless of dance experience, if you want a challenging, upbeat exercise routine with amazing results, the Spokane Barre workout is for you.

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Spokane Barre's reputation for providing a challenging Barre workout reflecting the principles of Lotte Berk speaks for itself. I’ve found what sets the studio apart is the emphasis on carefully articulated isometric movement achieved through proper posture and form. This results driven approach has significantly improved my cardiovascular health, physical strength, posture and grace. The mental focus I’ve developed through my training at Spokane Barre greatly benefits me outside the studio as well. Well-being is an investment; Spokane Barre delivers.


Spokane Barre Pricing

We have lots of pricing options available.  Not all pricing options are available online; if you qualify for Student, Healthcare, Teacher, Military or SpoFit Pricing, please visit the studio and we will tag your account.  You will then be able to purchase the discounted packages online.

New Client Options

New client one month unlimited – $99 (expires 30 days from purchase date)

Buy one get one free – 2 for $20 (expires 1 month from 1st class used)

Class Packages / Drop – In

Standard Drop-In – $20

Out of Town Drop-in – $15

Out of Town 3 Class Pack $40 (expires 3 months from 1st class used)

Regular 20 Class Package – $260 = $13 a class (expires 4 months from 1st class used)

Regular 10 Class Package – $150 = $15 a class (expires 3 months from 1st class used)

Healthcare/Teacher/Student/Military 20 Class Package – $200 = $10 a class (expires 4 months from 1st class used)

Healthcare/Teacher/Student/Military 10 Class Package – $120 = $12 a class (expires 4 months from 1st class used)


One year membership (autopay on purchase date for 12 consecutive months, unlimited visits) – $129 / Month

3-month membership (autopay on purchase date for 3 consecutive months, unlimited visits) – $149 / Month

Healthcare/Teacher/Student/Military 3-month membership (autopay on purchase date for 3 consecutive months, unlimited visits) – $139/Month

**Prices above do not include sales tax

 Want to buy a gift card or package for a friend?  Either visit or call the studio and we are happy to help!

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