so, what exactly is a BARRE workout?

Our Barre workouts are high intensity, low impact blends of strength training, stretching and ballet movements. Using the principles of Barre technique, we work muscle groups to fatigue (the shake!) and recover with a deep, choreographed stretch. The results are lean, lengthened, sculpted muscles. If you’ve ever danced or just wish to attain the long, lean physique of the dancer, the Spokane Barre workout is for you.

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Spokane Barre's reputation for providing a challenging Barre workout reflecting the principles of Lotte Berk speaks for itself. I’ve found what sets the studio apart is the emphasis on carefully articulated isometric movement achieved through proper posture and form. This results driven approach has significantly improved my cardiovascular health, physical strength, posture and grace. The mental focus I’ve developed through my training at Spokane Barre greatly benefits me outside the studio as well. Well-being is an investment; Spokane Barre delivers.


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